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Miss Preston

28 years old

Young Professional

From West Midlands

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'Hello! I'm super excited and very nervous about being the first LWM Model. If you are going to comment below be kind! lol.

Im Miss Preston from the sunny West Midlands. I absolute love erotic images. Not pornography. I find that massively off-putting and not a turn on at all so when I heard LWM were looking for amateur erotic models I knew this was perfect for me. Totally anonymous and their erotic photography is incredible. I'm a busy girl but if you become a member you can have my direct email address. Ask nicely and you might be able to have a pair of my knickers too! Been worn all day at work in the office. I work with men and have 3 brothers so I know what you fucking men are like! Dirty bastards most of you! lol 


Scroll down to my Gallery and hope you like what you see. Leave comments at the bottom. xx


Miss Preston  

I want to become a LWM Model
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